Genre: Techno, melodic Electro


Levi has a truly unique story to tell, and so does her music. Born and raised in Germany with years abroad in Melbourne, Dubai and London, she decided to explore her own roots and moved to Vietnam. A new chapter began.

Amid glittering skyscrapers and a vibrant arts scene, Levi quickly realized that the music and culture scene is very local. With no international headliners and a small presence of what would be considered mainstream in the West, it was just the right breeding ground to put their own ideas into practice and build an own brand.

No sooner said than done, she put her ideas into practice. With success! After only a few months, Vietnam news named her one of the major newcomers, Ho Chi Minh City boiler room sets were played and even featured her as one of Saigon’s most influential underground personalities.

Today, her style can veer seamlessly between pumping techno and playful house staking a personal claim with refreshing curiosity. Collaborations with leading global fashion labels and top lifestyle influencers highlight Levi's ability to inspire people beyond a typical club atmosphere.