Genre: Tech House, Techno

The sun fades, a few shimmering glitter trails of light hit the skyline. This is when Marc Gickels passionate combination of different electronic genres waves its way through the crowd, that let his sound culture become a unique interplay between Tech House and Techno.
Having received strong support from the underground elite and many of his discerning fans, what lies ahead is truly a time filled with exciting possibilities. Marc Gickel is fixated on improving his live show experience and is ambitiously stretching his sound in new directions. Key to his passion is his drive to create soundscapes that possess a unique charm while providing a timeless electronic experience.
From a young age, Marc mastered several instruments, such as piano and trumpet. With this enthusiasm for the indescribable feeling of music, he expanded his skills around analog sounds with electronic and digital music production at the age of 10.
Hard setbacks, through the loss of loved ones, have only strengthened his passion and unwavering will to strive for the next adventure.
With recent track releases on major labels and references in Germany's most established electro clubs, Marc adds a remarkable amount of experience to the mix.