Everyone from the sun-seekers on the sands of Florida coasts to the pioneers in the cool mountain breeze of a Rocky Mountain sunset knows—they call it the high life for a reason. 

HIGHKUNA represents a lifestyle that celebrates this connection between the spirit, the self, nature, and the community worldwide. Every piece in our collection comes from a rich multicultural background and is inspired by a little salt life, and something extra so you too can let yourself drift away in the world of HIGHKUNA. Read more about our mission and vision below.

In these uncertain times, we are the ambassadors of peace.

"Live free—Die Hippy"



HIGHKUNA started as a small community of friends who organized music festivals and rallies across Europe, until our founder Max envisioned something bigger. Max dreamed of a way to combine his love of salt life, street fashion, and urban music, while giving something back to the amazing communities around the world that inspired him, and HIGHKUNA was born.

HIGHKUNA aims to be more than a company, fashion statement, or even a dream. HIGHKUNA was founded to be a force for good—to spread positivity, generosity, and good vibes. That is why we put our hearts and souls into our music, our products, festivals and designs; we give more than was asked, because we have already received more than we ever dreamed.

HIGHKUNA started as a dream, which is why we are in the business of making dreams come true. As part of the HIGHKUNA angels program, one dollar out of every purchase will go to the Fly & Help foundation which builds school for children in developing countries. Here at HIGHKUNA, we wanted to give back to some of the communities that inspired and welcomed us in our travels, and we know first hand how an education can build a bridge to a brighter future. We hope that our contribution and yours can spread good will and help to open minds across the globe.




Our story began when our founder Max left his home in Europe for uncertain shores. His insatiable curiosity and life long wanderlust led him to the streets of New York, where he was electrified by the vibrant music and culture.

After a few months, Max traded his newfound concrete jungle for the soothing shores of Palm Beach, Florida. There he discovered the infectious energy of seaside communities, and developed a lifelong passion for the Salt Life.

At the end of his travels, Max thought not about what he was leaving behind him, but what he was bringing home with him. Just like that, the dream of HIGHKUNA was born.

In his own words,

“A thought turned into an idea. An idea turned into a dream, and the dream became reality.”