Genre: Electro, HipHop, Rap

P.a.i.x DJ Mixamillion

P.a.i.x is a professional musician with over 20 years of experience. Growing up in the Frankfurt area, he emigrated to the US as a teenager. The chance to live in Boston, New York and Miami naturally opened new worlds for him in terms of music, lifestyle, and culture. Fascinated by the Beasty Boys, Eminem and Limp Bizkit, he soon became "brainwashed by rock and rap." Hypnotized by DJ Qbert's scratch performances, he made up a big plan to achieve one goal: saving all the money to buy his first turntables and start DJing himself. We today know that the plan worked out well!

With all the deep impressions from local music scenes around the globe, it's only logical that his mix goes far beyond a single genre. From hip-hop and rap to deep electro grooves, he serves up an addictive performance. For beach dreams on the Floridian coast with the tingle of sand on your skin to suburban underground events, P.a.i.x is always on hand with the right tunes to create vibes for a memorable time. In his own words “I will always push boundaries with my show to light up horizons of my crowd”.

After his time in the US, he's made a name for himself in Germany as well. Popular mixtapes, shows abroad and his engagements as DJ for stars like Haftbefehl (GER), Ryan Leslie (Europe Tour) and Busta Rhymes, further underline this.