SIMPLE LIFE | Online Release 06-09-2020

What is the simple life? Today, most of us are driven by the hectic pace and stress of daily life. Hence, the SIMPLE LIFE drop reminds ourselves to take some time to relax, reflect what we do and dream about the most beautiful things in our lives. 

These are points, which are taken up by the simple life and there exist manifold ways how it can be lived. The Greek philosopher Diogenes used his simple lifestyle to criticize the corrupt society and institutions of his time. More recently, the bohemians of Paris lived for adventure and wine and placed art far above the pursuit of material possessions.

HIGHKUNA wants to bring in a simple life by valuing things that make us happy like, family, friends or music instead of chasing status symbols or societal expectations. The human spirit is more powerful than any drug - and THAT is what needs to be nourished: with work, play, friendship, family. THESE are the things that matter. This is what we'd forgotten - the simplest things.

For the SIMPLE LIFE drop certain elements from the HIGHKUNA universe were chosen to depict the HIGHKUNA simple life in a bright way.


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